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Pleasure Coaching Program

 We live in a world where 91% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies and are putting life on hold until their body changes. This dissatisfaction impacts how women perceive their lives from relationships with the self and others to perceptions of others (especially other women), eating habits, presence, self-expression, and sexual expressions.


An imbalance of Erotic Energy can leave you feeling listless, sluggish, and blah. Innocence will guide you joyously through ancient Mindfulness-Based Erotic Energy practices and breath-linked sequences to offset that imbalance and get you up and make new shifts happen. Through movement, meditation, teaching, and creative expressive artwork, we will begin the process of releasing body shame and step into all of the possibilities that open up when we embrace radical self-acceptance. 

the physical body is the vessel that channels and supports the health of creativity, love, and abundance. when we choose to love and witness the physical body we are in, we become an energetic match for the vibrant creativity, romantic love and infinite abundance we desire. this brief workshop series is intended to quiet the negative chatter in our minds and the messages women receive daily about how they should look or who they should be.  

Participants Will learn:

*How to take care of the bodies (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) without dieting or restriction. 

*Tools to boost body acceptance. 

*How to create community that is centered around acceptance. 

*Transpersonal & intuitive creativity skills development to see the self from a new perspective. 

*Opening up channels to love, abundance, creativity through body love & body acceptance. 

Feminine Wellness Workshops & Mini-Courses

Innocence Smith Wellness Workshops and mini-courses are focused on feminine self-care, body positivity, and natural energy healing practices.


Innocence provides heart-centered, non-judgmental guidance to self-healing, chakra balance, divine power & mind-body-spirit connections to align with infinite love, peace,  power & authority.  Every program is optimized to help individuals and small groups embark on journeys of self-discovery and transformation via the ancient art of crystal healing, sacred energetic practices, and embodiment.  

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Self-Mastery Programs

To be the Master of your own Self is to fully understand who you really are. Self-Mastery Programs incorporate ancient Self-Healing wisdom Practices, Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology. Innocence integrates Western therapeutic approaches and ancient Eastern wisdom via the body, mind and spirit. 

All Self-Mastery Programs are individually tailored to the client's unique lifestyle. Make the first step to unlock the full potential of your individual essence. 

These intensely transformational Programs will help you deep dive into: 

  • Your definitions & perceptions of pleasure. 
  • How you seek & relate to pleasurable experiences. 
  • How you were taught to think & believe that you want to be seen as a pleasurable being. 

  • How you show up in the world.

  • How to tune into an Authentic & confident Self. 


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