Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™

The Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™ is an extra-large, hand-crafted crystal mat made to order. Available in three primary colors for a limited time. No batteries or electricity required! The Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™ was created to provide portable personal pain/stress relief naturally with far infrared crystal energy healing. 

The Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™ is your go-to body mat for meditating, relaxation, hypnosis, Reiki and Crystal Therapy, fitness training, or physical therapy at home on the road. The large foam Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™ is perfect to take the beach, to the park, in your home or your office, in your sacred healing space. It is also great for athletes to use on the road to enhance and heal or wherever your practice lands from sun up to sundown. 

 💟 ARE YOU IN PAIN? STRESSED OR ANXIOUS? HAVING RESTLESS SLEEP? Use your Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat any time of day to relax, meditate, de-stress and rejuvenate your energy (i.e., back pain, arthritis, inflammation and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, decrease injury recovery time, increase mental clarity, decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep hygiene and relaxation, detoxify your body naturally, and more!) 
💟 NO ELECTRICITY means NO EMF POLLUTION for your body, PLUS you can safely use your the Lunate Crystal Therapy Mat™ just about anywhere since it is Powered by Nature. Negative Ions and non-electric crystal therapy mat powered by nature. NO EMF pollution. 
💟 HEALING NEGATIVE IONS - Negative Ion emitting stones in this Body Mat help to neutralize and eliminate the effects of Positive Ions (dis-ease, stress, irritation, exhaustion, disease, etc), thus improving both your mood and physical body. Power your next healing session with the natural energies of the sun and moon. 
💟 NATURAL FAR INFRARED (FIR) - The natural crystals and gemstones that emit FIR create even stronger healing for you. Natural heat and energy from your body boost Far Infrared qualities of the stones. FIR increases the body's immune system, circulation, white blood cells, and metabolism. It can reduce muscle and arthritic pain, help burn fat, reduce toxins, lower blood sugars, etc.  
💟 USE ANYTIME!  There are no time limitations on how long to use the Lunate Crystal Therapy Mat™, so you can use it anytime/anyplace...put it on the floor, on your couch, or even use between the mattress and box spring in bed to enhance sleep and healing all night long.
💟 CALM YOUR ENERGY USING NATURAL CRYSTAL & GEMSTONE BENEFITS - The diversity of natural crystals and gemstones in our crystal therapy mats create an unparalleled experience when using the Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat as an effective approach to accelerated wellness. According to quantum physics, each crystal/gemstone has a unique vibration that creates a frequency. These frequencies can permeate the cells and harmonize the body to reduce toxins, illness, and even cancerous cells, thus boosting healing for the body, mind, and soul.

The Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™ is simple to use and set up; simply drop or remove your crystals into/from the lunar cavities and you are ready to g!. This crystal therapy mat is just as quick and easy to pack up: simply remove all the crystals from the lunar cavities and drop the mat into your favorite travel bag.

Pictured with assorted natural tumbled crystals and 100% pure copper nuggets. Your custom therapy mat will come with natural tumbled crystals. Total crystal carat weight is dependent upon the crystals selected {about 7 lbs. average}. The crystals are easily inset and removed from the moon/lunar cavities.

This crystal therapy mat is extra thick for comfort and balance: it is a firm 2-inches extra-thick fitness mat w/ mat that helps to alleviate stress on pressure points such as joints, hips, hands, and knees. 

Dimensions: 19”x 15” x 2. 25” 

Every Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™ is crafted from a non-slip surface is made from BPA free foam: this crystal therapy meditation mat is free of Phthalates, heavy metals and latex chemicals that ruin your positive energy vibes. Your crystal therapy mat may initially release a harmless odor. If so, unroll your mat and air it for a day or two before using it. 

Carrying Information: 
The Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat can be easily transported from your home or studio meditations. 

Easy to clean: The Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™ is easy to keep clean and fresh. Use a mix of gentle soap and water, wipe clean, and leave it flat to dry. Specific crystal care is dependent upon selected crystals. Do not submerge the therapy mat in water. 

Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mats™ are High Quality, Hand-made in the U.S.A., Environmentally Friendly, and clients LOVE them! 


Lunate Crystal Therapy Meditation Mat™

$300.00 Regular Price
$249.95Sale Price
  • Please specify the crystals/gemstones colors you want for the 7  lunar chakra centers. If no color specification is made, your crystals will be intuitively selected for you.