Of a Feminine Nature

A virtual mini-course

Duration: 4 weeks
Tuition: $50 


This is a 4-week correspondence course that takes us through our energetic system, grounding, cord-cutting, connecting with nature, and more...

Sacred Femme Journey: In Detail 

The Sacred Femme Teachings are a curriculum in personal empowerment and priestess training Journey. The entire training takes approximately 13 months to complete at an intensive pace. 

The Sacred Femme Journey course uses a unique coaching & entrainment format that helps individual clients to understand & recognize their personal goals, unique dharma (intuitive gifts that you came here with) while identifying ancestral patterns and energetic blocks. The facilitator strategically aligns to their own as the client’s higher power to design a practical plan guiding them to confidently overcome what is getting in the way of attaining their highest priority in health and healing. 


Each sister will learn to create a safe sacred container in this ministry where every sister is valid in her story, deeply listened to, and accountable to herself. Her vulnerability is her power to heal and there is no story that cannot be transformed and turned into medicine for the soul. Helping others to recognize the next steps that the soul is now ready to claim breaking free of negative cycles and reclaiming personal power and strength to walk in truth.  

You will receive the option to participate in supporting or committing to the Sacred Femme Circle ritual in North Georgia during the full moon in October. This is a 1-year commitment not to be taken lightly. Additional costs may apply.  


  • Periodic-Silent Witness Training

  • Special Invitations to Private Events 

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Performance Opportunity

  • Major Self-Care & Wellness Retreats 

  • Co-Teaching & Facilitating Opportunities 

  • Ordination

  • Bi-Monthly Group Meetings 

  • Optional Moon Dance Ritual  

the Sacred Femme Journey

Level I (4 months) the Sacred Femme Journey is based on Goddess studies,  creating sacred space, ceremony, ritual, and personal empowerment. The first level essentially serves as a foundation for daily intuitive practice. Students observe the seasons, connect with the moon, and begin mediation, energy work, divination practice, and intuition building.

Both novice and experienced Tourmaline Portal graduate students are required to begin with Level I. In this, and each subsequent level, students create a final project focused on a particular Goddess.  

Apart from their individual studies, there is an expectation that students will be actively engaged within the Temple (through the SFT Chat group) as a way of serving their spiritual community. Students will be introduced to SFT's Public Outreach programs where they will have opportunities to give back to SFT and the community at large. 

Level II (4 months) the Goddess Mentorship deepens the study of meditation and energy work and introduces the practice of divination, focusing on the Goddess Tarot. This level also contains a strong emphasis on chakra work, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, and self-healing. Level II students choose to follow the Path of Priestess (as a certified intuitive healer) or the Path of the Sacred Femme (as an ordained minister). 

Level III (5 months) the Sacred Femme Priestess Journey strongly emphasizes dream, astral, and shamanic work, and introduces body-based lunar astrology. In addition, students choose three elective areas of study: crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, Reiki, and Tarot communication. For the last month, students undergo a practical internship in teaching, divination, energy work, or ceremony. 

Adepts will be required to fully immerse themselves in the workings of the Temple by continuing to be engaged in group discussions as well as the following:
- at least one reading as a way to practice their tarot skills
- at least one submission to The Sacred Femme quarterly newsletter.
- active participation in the Sacred Femme Temple 

Students must satisfactorily complete all of the assignments in order to receive course certificates. Levels II & III include some elective course offerings (where initiate may choose what to study), but most of the course material is required. 

Ceremonial Cords and framable Completion Certificates are awarded at no extra cost to those completing each level.

Level I: Initiate, black cord
Level II: Adept, green cord
Level III: Priestess, white cord 

Level I Initiates automatically become members of The Sacred Femme Temple. 


Tuition is for the entire course is $1500 US for all levels. There is no extra fee for moving through the lessons more slowly. Level III includes one month free. Students must also buy approximately three (3) textbooks for each course level. 


Tuition covers lessons, assignments, personalized instructor evaluation & feedback, and course materials. In addition, students will receive audio lessons of guided meditations & exercises. Any other materials needed should be readily available around your house, local metaphysical shops, dollar stores, or local thrift stores. No expensive tools are needed. 

A Year-Long Evolutionary  Female  Leadership  Training Experience 

Are you ready to be empowered to help other women on this planet thrive through, Creativity, Sacred Sexuality (Womb Wellness), Connection, Music, Meditation, Ceremony, Ritual, and Prayer? 

Once one makes a contract as Initiate there is no turning back. There is no structure nor time or space that determine what challenges, sacrifices as well as what road the soul must travel on to seek its right direction. There are tools, guidelines, practices, and knowledge that are put in place to guide the transmission.

The calling for initiation is deeper than just a willingness to strengthen one’s bond to spirit. Becoming a Priestess is a marriage between the higher self and the Sacred Femme. It is a living sacrifice to be in service of spirit and a higher calling to serve sentient beings. It requires a particular willingness, seeing, intuition, and strength to put aside human desires in order to respond to the higher calling to humble in being of service to others. 

This takes place in the relationship of a mentor to an apprenticeship. The direct transmission from an ordained priestess to the apprentice allows one to gain the most integrity allowing the cataclysm of knowledge and experience to be transferred into direct wisdom. 


Initiates draw nourishment from the Sacred Femme, the Divine mother earth, the elements, the seasons' cycles of nature, the sun, the moon, and the stars, and in return, we take refuge in her great mysteries. 



Tourmaline Crystal Portal Meditation  

Learn Tourmaline Crystal Portal Meditation practice. 


Learn how to work with the cycles of the moon. 


3-month Tourmaline Portal Apprenticeship program 


How to facilitate ceremonies at individual and large group scales for life, death, marriage, seasons & cycles of change. 


Creating Ceremonial Altars 

Learn the foundations to create a crystal grid and spiritual altar that embodies the depth of your intentions.  


Become associated with the cycles of the wheel of the year, non-religious holidays, the solar & lunar cycles, the elements, animal totems, astrological and esoteric associations. 

Soul Ministry Coaching Sessions 

A minimum of 3 Soul Coaching Sessions are mandatory for anyone who wants to be in womb wellness apprenticeship and has not been to an intro workshop on the Tourmaline Crystal Portal. 

Soul Ministry Sessions are private coaching & mentoring that helps you clarify and anchor personal goals, understand your dharma (intuitive karmic gifts that you came here with), and identify ancestral patterns and energetic blocks. We will strategically align to your higher power to design a practical plan to help you confidently overcome what is getting in the way of You attaining your highest goal of health and vitality at this time. 


This Ministry session is a safe sacred container, like a womb where each sister is valid in her story, deeply listened to, and accountable to herself. Her vulnerability is her power to heal and there is no story that cannot be transformed and turned into medicine for the soul. to heal. 

With ministry licenses through the Sacred Femme Temple and Esoteric Life Church, Innocence will guide you through grounding visualizations, call in spirit guides, listen to your feminine health goals & concerns. Together we will be guided into your next steps that your soul is now ready to break free of negative cycles and reclaiming personal power and strength to walk your truth.

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Innocence Smith Metaphysical Wellness Ministry therapies and techniques are considered alternative, holistic, or complementary medicine. Please be advised that Innocence is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Sankofa Priestess and not a licensed medical professional (nor do I/she/we promote myself/ourselves as such). I/we do not make medical or psychological diagnoses. I/we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication for ailments, illnesses, or diseases that are physical or psychological. Please seek professional medical or psychological care if you have a serious condition. If you are under medical care, please seek the advice of your Doctor before using my professional services.  

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