Q: Which conditions or topics do you work with?

A: Innocence works with all conditions and topics. 


Q: Does Innocence offer a free consultation?

A: Innocence offers a free 10-minute consultation over the telephone to see if she’s the right person for you and vice versa. Please note that she is not able to offer more than 10-minutes, as the purpose of this free consultation is to see if you are suitable for each other (rather like an interview for one another). Therefore, it is not for healing, teaching or mentoring. If you wish to continue with a session, then the next step will be to book a session.


Q: How can I make a booking (e.g, by phone calls, texts or emails)?

A: For new and existing clients bookings take place via text or email.


Q: How long does Innocence take to reply?

A: Innocence is very busy and therefore will try her hardest to reply to you within 48hrs. However, if you don’t hear back within 48hrs, please gently contact her again.


Q: What is the minimum duration of your sessions?


  • Telephone sessions and text sessions are for a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Clinic sessions are for a minimum of 1 hr.

  • Home visits, office suite visits, hospital visits and international visists vary on a case-by-case basis.


Q: When do I make payment?

A: Advanced payment (at least 48hrs) is required prior to all Sessions and Programs.


Q: How do I make payment?

Ref: Please use your full name as reference

Innocence only accepts online payments via PayPal or in person using Square Payment or CashApp


Q: How can I confirm that I’ve made a payment?

A: You should receive immediate confirmation of all payments as Innocence only accepts secured payments via PayPal, Square or CashApp. If you still have questions about your payment being processed, you can text or email Innocence (not via a phone call please) and she will confirm receipt of your text/email and payment within 24 hrs.


Q: How shall I contact Innocence for a phone session?

A: Innocence will call you on your telephone number which she will ask you for once you have booked a session with her.


Q: Where do Innocence's sessions and programs take place?

A: both individual sessions and Self-Mastery programs, they may take place either by telephone or in-person at local parks, home visits, office suite visits, live video sessions or hospital visits across the whole of the Metropolitan Atlanta and internationally. Group sessions and Programs may be held at your business site, state parks, event centers, local parks or other mutually agreeable locations. 


Q: Where does Innocence's session intensives, Group sessions and/or emergency sessions take place?

A: For session intensives and emergency sessions, the sessions may take place at For both sessions and programs, they may take place either by telephone or in-person across the whole of the Metropolitan Atlanta and internationally  meeting clients in the privacy of their own homes, at local parks, home visits, office suite visits, live video sessions and hospital visits. Please note that these sessions require a minimum booking (on a case-by-case basis).


Q: How about time extensions during sessions?

A: During your session, if you would like to extend the timeframe please kindly ask Innocence and if she has extra time then she would be pleased to continue with you. In this case the fee of the time extension can be paid at the end of the session.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: There is a strict 48 hrs notice for cancellations and/or change of appointment. In the absence of a 48 hr notice, client’s will be charged the full fee of the appointment. However, distance healing for the session will be carried out in full for the amount paid.


Q: Does Innocence offer any free sessions and/or discounts?

A: No, Innocence doesn’t offer any free sessions and/or discounts to anyone. Firstly, in life there has to be an equal exchange of energy. In our current time and space this energy is by way of money. If there is not an energy exchange or if there is a lack of energy exchange then this will create and cause leakages, invasions and/or karma, especially self-karma which is not good for either you or Theia. Therefore, if you are unable to have a session with Innocence at this moment in time then please trust that it is not yet meant to be for you nor her.


Q: What about Referral clients?

A: If you are coming to Innocence as a referral, you may book your session directly by a text or email.


Q: Can I ask Innocence questions about her personal life during our session?

A: No, please do not ask Innocence questions about her personal life. You may ask her questions about her professional background and professional experiences, however nothing about her personal life.  Innocence’s job is to serve you in the best way possible, not to discuss her personal life. However, having said this, she may at times choose to share with you her personal life experiences during your session together if she feels it is necessary to do so in order to deepen your understanding and/or to gain clarity around your own life experiences.


Q: Can I contact Innocence for feedback after our session?

A: No, please only discuss and/or share any feedback with Innocence during your next session together in order to avoid any leakages and/or self-karma.


Q: Can I contact Innocence/speak to her/see her in her personal life?

A: No, there is a strict code and ethics which applies to Innocence and her work and so she is not able to contact you, speak to you or see you in her personal life. If you would like to discuss anything, please book a session with her.


Q: Could I send Innocence messages/emails to share my insights, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, feedbacks, questions, events or life experiences, etc?

A: Yes sure, you can do so via a text session. Please see terms and conditions for a text session below.


Q: What is a text session?

A: Text sessions (emails/messages) are for “urgent” situations where clients cannot talk to Innocence by telephone or via a clinic/in-person session.  If your situation isn’t urgent then please request a telephone/clinic session so that you can discuss things with Theia properly by telephone or in-person.

Text sessions are for a minimum of 30 minutes. Please note that longer texts, messages and emails will be charged for more than 30 minutes, depending on the length of the message and how long it takes Innocence to read and reply.


Free texts are strictly for bookings and payments only.

If you don’t want to receive a text session then please only use texts for bookings and payments, otherwise Innocence’s fees will apply as a text session (if you share your insights, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, feedbacks, questions, life events or life experiences etc).

Text sessions are recommended for urgent situations only please.

Having said all this, Innocence loves to hear your insights, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, feedbacks, questions, events and life experiences. Therefore, please take note of them all and share them with her when you next have your telephone or in-person session together.


Q: Could I share articles/documentaries/videos with Innocence?

A: Innocence loves exchanging articles/documentaries/videos with clients during telephone/in-person sessions, yet not by text session please (these are for urgent situations only). If there are any articles/documentaries/videos that you would like to share with Innocence, please send them to her during your telephone/in-person session together. If for any reason you want/need to send them to Innocence prior to your session together then you may do so via text session where fees apply. Please see text session above for more information.


Q: I lost my session notes (affirmations, meditation techniques, homework/tasks, etc.) What do I do? Will Innocence  write them to me please?

A: Unfortunately, Innocence is not able to do this because in order to re-create your notes, she would need to go over them in summary during a session. Therefore, it is advisable to back up all your session notes via soft and hardcopy if possible.


Q: Would you mind if I send Innocence messages/emails on special dates (New Year’s Eve, Christmas or Birthdays, etc)?

A: Please do not send Innocence messages on special dates, otherwise she could end up receiving hundreds of messages/emails from all over the world which would cause an overload in her inbox.  Innocence works with people who are in urgent situations (365-days a year) by distant work and so if her inbox becomes too overloaded it would be very difficult for her to see people’s emails and messages who are in urgent situations. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.