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the Tourmaline Portal

The Portal Practice

3 Levels of Training 

The Tourmaline Portal: An ancient practice of using natural crystals and embodiment for strength & healing sexual trauma 



How Do Tourmaline Portal Meditation Crystals Work? 

Tourmaline works by absorbing all negativity that is around it. The stone is magnetic and connects with our magnetic field. Sometimes negative emotions (dormant anger towards mother/father) manifest disease or blockages which disrupt our flow of creativity. 

We hold our power in the uterus. Very often, we are imprinted with the feelings and emotions of our mother and what she held in her uterus. We have our own memories stored as well as our mother’s.

Since this is vibration therapy, it works with 1. memories in the uterus 2. geometry and 3. vibration of the stone.

Tourmaline comes from the center of the earth and mirrors how we really see ourselves. What you don’t like about another person is what we need to work on in ourselves. It is the smoky mirror. 

Tourmaline crystal therapy has been practiced in Africa for over a century.

When we use the tourmaline crystal, it connects us with the center of the earth and therefore, helps return us to our own individual gravitational center within ourselves.

Emotions we didn’t know we had inside us emerge when we begin using the Black Tourmaline crystal. It takes courage to work with this stone. Tourmaline crystal portal meditation practices are used to tone and heal muscles of the sexual organs through imagery therapy. It is still important to take the practice of kegel exercises that support vaginal issues and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. The Black Tourmaline crystals I use are given to me with special blessings. Because the stone is so extremely absorbent of its surroundings and powerful, it is important to be well informed when working with Black Tourmaline crystals for healing. 


Holistic Womb Healing

* The Black Tourmaline crystal is a therapeutic tool to heal memories of the female genital tract. It is used to alleviate cysts, fibroids, herpes, vaginal infections, as well as menstrual pain.
* It is a way to restore healthy feminine yin balance and connect with internal lunar cycles.
* The Tourmaline Portal crystal meditation practice is based an ancient African practice used to heal trauma, give strength, and maintain vital sexual organs.
* Tourmaline is named “Itztli” in the native language of Africa 
* By removing trauma, it clears and protects from negative energy, balances the womb, releases resentment of others, stimulates the intuition, and removes negative attachments as well as emotional blockages
* Black Tourmaline is a very powerful and creative stone: It increases self-control and forces facing up to one’s true self
* Black Tourmaline is protective and provides support during difficult changes
* Black Tourmaline comes from the center of the earth,  it is a volcanic stone found primarily in Mexico and India
* Black Tourmaline can provide insight into the root cause of dis-ease
* Used to strengthen the entire female reproductive system: the ovaries, uterus, intestines, bladder, and regulates the flow of blood stimulating immune functions
* Black Tourmaline Portal Crystal Meditation is used to visualize balance in the body’s PH by creating alkalinity in the blood while normalizing the vaginal microbial environment 

* Please note: There are no guarantees with any therapy~ 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any public health administration

This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease

We share this information lovingly based on the knowledge results that we have experienced from clients. 

Ancestral Portal Healing Package $249

Womb Temple Tending

Plus + Soul Ministry Coaching  


  • Tourmaline crystal

  • Protocol & Guidelines PDF

  • Sacred Code of conduct

  • Safe Keeping Instructions

  • 90-min Virtual Workshop “How to work with the Tourmaline crystal”

  • 1 (60 min) private Soul Ministry Coaching Session (mandatory for anyone who wants to be in womb wellness apprenticeship and has not been to an intro workshop on the Tourmaline Portal)

In the Black Tourmaline Portal Meditation Workshop, We'll Cover: 

  • Protocol & guidelines for working with the Tourmaline crystal 

  • Visualizations for grounding and clearing unwanted energy. Good for anxiety, overwhelm, and empathic (highly sensitive) ones.

  • Cultivating the power of Intention & Sexual Sovereignty

  • Basic pelvic floor kegel & abdominal toning exercises building ~agni~ aka digestive fire

  • Ovarian breathing for building ~chi~aka vital energy

  • Mindful meditation postures for the restoration of ~chi~

  • Embodying your authentic medicine woman 

Black Tourmaline crystals will be for sale at an additional $75 cost per crystal, along with specific instructions for safekeeping.


* Please click here to complete the order form if you’re interested in ordering your own kit.

Crystal Healer  Apprenticeship

Level I - The Crystal Portal   

Level I (3 months

The Tourmaline Crystal Portal: A spiritual practice of owning your truth


Learn to break through negative emotional cycles & toxic relationship patterns. Receive one-on-one personalized support. Uncover your root cause of reproductive issues and disease.


Heal sexual trauma & pelvic floor discomfort. Learn ovarian breathing / the Sacred Femme Portal meditation, kegel exercises & 7 feminine secrets to vitality! Attune to lunar rhythms, balance hormones & regulate cycles effectively.



  • Introduction to the Tourmaline Crystal Portal Meditation Practice

  • Personal Work, Process, and Transpersonal Development

  • Accountability 


  • Certification 


Price On Application  

Level III (13 months)

the Sacred Femme Priestess Journey  

Level III - the Sacred Femme Priestess Journey 


Take your service to humanity to the next level.

Are you empowered to help other women on this planet thrive through Sacred Sexuality, Ceremony, Womb Wellness, Ritual, and Prayer?

  • Receive Metaphysical Ministry Ordination

  • Become a Sacred Femme Priestess through the Sacred Femme Circle 

  • Pre-Req Tourmaline Crystal Portal Apprenticeship

Level II Mentorship

Level II (6-13 months)

Tourmaline Crystal Portal Mentorship 

Are you ready to serve your female community in a greater way? This mentorship is through private-invite ONLY to those who have successfully completed Level I - the Tourmaline Crystal Portal and includes a continued portal wellness mentorship that is custom designed for your individual long-term healing goals.

  • A continued education program designed creatively for individual depth & ongoing support

  • Find your niche in womb-wellness

  • Continue next level of Tourmaline Portal protocol & naturopathic care

  • Become a facilitator & sacred space holder (aka A-Sistant) to new apprentices.

  • Serve the female community in a greater way 


Price On Application  

Black Tourmaline Crystal Kit

The Tourmaline Portal Crystal Protocol is received through live transmission only as there are contraindications to be advised of, and misinformation that is passed on when one is misinformed.


Our intention is to make sure that each one who receives this practice only has the highest priority of achieving the desired results & support. 

Tourmaline Portal Crystals are only available through private order with a donation of $75. This policy ensures that they are delivered with the proper integrity of responsibility. 

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