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Our erotic energy programs are designed to help women transform their relationships with themselves and their bodies. Our well-being programs are suited for women wanting to get in touch with their unique sexuality, and women seeking to become more grounded with their relationships. All consultation sessions are private and person-centered. 

Innocence Smith Wellness offers self-mastery mini-courses, workshops, and retreats for women of all backgrounds and levels on sexuality embodiment. Innocence specializes in sexual trauma, body disconnection, and body shame issues.


Innocence Smith is an extensively qualified Energy Medicine Specialist & Integrative Healer with an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and multiple international Metaphysical Modality certifications including Sacred Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Crystal Reiki, Usui Reiki, and Clinical Hypnosis.  

I love helping clients' to heighten their self-awareness by releasing past tensions to discover a profound sense of serenity and vitality. I work closely with each client to develop a personal approach to exploring femininity or sexuality issues and concerns in a holistic manner.

I left the spa and beauty industry after 18 years to embrace my calling as a conscious lifestyle and wellness entrepreneur after a series of devastating life events. I accepted extreme stress as my new normal about 10 years ago. During that time, I was struggling to be the best possible mother, wife, and businesswoman. I felt like I had to put on a brave face no matter what and show the world that I could make everything okay just by being a superwoman. I was living in denial and delusion.

I had never had counseling for the years of sexual and physical abuse I had previously endured. My solution to everything was to bury myself in my work and playing supermom to my children. I was financially, emotionally, and physically tapped out. I didn't know where or whom to turn to.  I had deluded myself because I didn't know how to successfully speak up or step back and take care of myself. Meanwhile, I had been involved in multiple automobile accidents within a span of fewer than two years that had taken a toll on my health. I typically worked 12 to 14 hours six days a week. I'm not sure just how long I had ignored signs of trauma in my life. I felt like I was depressed, stressed and felt like I was drowning nearly all the time. 


After a visit to the emergency room at my local hospital, I discovered that I had a severe (nearly fatal) case of shingles and was on the brink of a complete breakdown. My body, mind, emotions, and spirit were wrecked because I had been trying to cover bullet holes with bandages for far too long. I realized that the universe was trying to get my attention...I had been sweeping myself aside and I needed to dedicate myself to opportunities of phenomenal healing!  

​I made radical changes in my life in those next few years including divorcing everything that did not serve my highest possible good. I surrendered to the infinite wisdom of the universe and immersed myself in reconnecting with my higher self. I focused on making my health and self-care a priority again. I had always believed in living on a higher vibrational plane but forgot my essential being along the path to fulfilling my purpose. I tuned into Potential FM and allowed my spirit guides to lead the way back to bliss. The answers had been there all along but I had to remember to be mindful and pay attention to these subtle signs. This work was embedded in my bones even before I had a name for it.  

"Re-examine all you have been told, dismiss that which insults your soul"~ Innocence Smith

I pursued my dream of obtaining my doctorate degree in healing medicine and continued my personal healing journey. I received a cryptic, yet unmistakable spiritual message to "Breathe" three years ago while on sabbatical. Believing this to be a call to meditate more, I tried nearly every type of meditation practice that I heard of. While many of the new meditation practices helped for a time, something still seemed to be missing from my life. For nearly a year, I didn't know what to make of this simple instruction. Once I discovered the art and science of sacred breath medicine, everything fell into place!  I witnessed firsthand the power of integrating breath medicine and witnessing to a regimen of self-care and personal healing with hundreds of women.

throughout my life, my central gift to the world has been to help others bridge their unique gifts with the architecture of the universe.  Nowadays, I enjoy traveling the globe promoting the crystalline love transmission, a holistic-based lifestyle, and mind-body-spirit-oriented self-healing practice. My expert experience focuses on the intersection of energy medicine, and healing, natural crystals/minerals. My professional educational background is in Counseling Psychology and Energy Medicine. 

My mission is helping other women learn to align with their whole-selves to reduce stress, foster resiliency and promote the well-being of mind, body, soul, and spirit through integrative wellness education. I use an integrative lifestyle coaching and consulting to help women like you develop new strategies for problem-solving, communicating, relationship building, and turning their dreams into reality. My integrative method of coaching and consulting is a form of transformational wellness services. This is a profound system for life management. It's all about the merging of soul and science to help you live your best life. I am so grateful that I get to help you find your passion and live your best life. I look forward to working with you.  

~ Innocence Smith  


Self-Mastery Specialist

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Personal healing and Self-Mastery by way of Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology. Integrating Western therapeutic approaches and ancient Eastern wisdom via one's body, mind,  and spirit.  

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Innocence Smith, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher