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Innocence Smith Metaphysical Wellness Ministry: Virtual Integral Wellness Solutions. 

Innocence Smith Metaphysical Wellness Ministry (ISMWM) is dedicated to healing the femme healer through the spiritual gift of healing, virtual wellness coaching, and metaphysical healing. We foster and facilitate authentic living solutions for the femme healer. 

ISMWM advocates for the healing power of the Great Spirit and communion with the Sacred Femme. 


We offer femme healers wellness solutions for issues of burnout, Sexual trauma, grief, shame, and disconnection.  

ISMWM provides convenient online integral wellness solutions for all who have devoted their existence to healing all women. 


What is Metaphysical


We Meet You Wherever You Are...

Vision Statement

A world awakened to the Love and Light of Spirit. 

To operate as a soul-centered space dedicated to helping humans just like you find trust, safety, and resilience within.


Mission Statement 

We support individuals on their spiritual path in a loving community through metaphysical principles, mediumship, healing, education, and music. 



You’re not living your best life and you desperately want to change that. You are feeling out of alignment with your core values/beliefs but you’re not quite sure how to move through the fears that hold you back from fully living into these. You crave meaningful connection but you struggle to show your authentic self to others. You don’t feel like you’re living true to you but you yearn for that freedom. 


My name is Innocence Smith. I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Mystic, and Intuitive Healer. I have devoted my life as an inspiration for humanity to remember how loved they are. I guide women into their own gnosis through my online Sacred Femme Ministry, online group immersion, and retreats. In the past two years, over 300 women in over 5 countries have attended my wellness offerings.  I love to work with individuals who are struggling to find their way but who believe that life can be better. I offer my full presence and support in a non-judgmental space.  


Together we will explore your deepest fears, pains, frustrations, dreams, and desires in sacred space. We will discuss what’s going well in your life and what you want to change. We will challenge your thoughts and perspectives to give you a new lens with which to view your story. We will work towards manifesting more autonomy, love, joy, and authenticity in your life. 

Healing the Healer


 ​~ Innocence Smith

Healing is a transformative process that takes place in the space of compassionate self-love and surrender. The only thing that is required for the healing to begin is our willingness to Relax our bodies, Release the false belief that we can control anything outside of our own reality, and our essential biorhythms will naturally Restore themselves. 

But who heals the healer? 

The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to Know and Love Your Authentic Self Completely. 

As healers, we are called upon to guide and sustain communities through unimaginable pain and trauma. We put our hearts and souls into our roles to help our communities and loved ones heal from divorce, loss of life, intergenerational trauma, sexual trauma, and so much more. 

Telehealth & Convenient Remote Member Access

Life Coaching

Focused guidance for those of you who are looking for clarity around a single issue such as job satisfaction, career path, journeys of wellness, relationships, spiritual disconnection, unresolved trauma, or other issues causing friction in your life. 

Wellness Consulting

Teamwork makes the dream work! ISMWM is here to help individuals and organizations who feel like they've hit a brick wall, recover from imbalances in their primary and subtle operating systems. Learn to restore harmony at home and on the job with conflict resolution training, team-building exercises, compassionate communication skills training, energy homeostasis (systems balance), mindfulness work skills, workplace wellness, and more using fun and simple proven energy therapy practices.

Virtual Courses

We offer several virtual metaphysical wellness mini-courses that can be completed in as little as a single weekend. 

Virtual Workshops

ISMWM virtual #Creativity #SelfMastery & #Authenticity workshops incorporate traditional practices such as creative expression, dance therapy, art meditation, music therapy, chaos therapy and more to tap into the self-healing wisdom of the body + mind + spirit. 

Soul Ministry Packages

Non-judgmental, one-to-one, soul-centered virtual self-healing support service packages tailored to fit your unique lifestyle. Join me in the soul sanctuary any day of the week because life doesn't just happen on Sunday's. 

Metaphysical Wellness Certification Programs

Exclusive Intuitive Metaphysical Wellness Virtual Certification Programs. Learning for the real world. 


* Sacred Femme Teachings ~ Essential feminine energy balance  

* Sacred Fem{iN}mEN teachings ~ Masculine energy balance

* Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness  ~ Integral Wellness Solutions  

* Personal Development Programs ~ Self-Mastery training, Self-Awareness + Self-care

* Bespoke Wellness Journeys ~ Guided wellness getaways for singles + groups who want to elevate their next vacation

* Mini-Courses + Workshops ~ Exclusive, brief virtual wellness classes + training 

* Intuitive Healer Certification Programs ~ Learn the art of healing yourself before you heal someone else

* Blessing Ceremonies, Baby Naming Ceremonies & Dedication Rituals ~ by reservation only  

* Rites of Passage ~ create your own rituals of remembrance 

* Transition Ceremonies & Celebration of Life Ceremonies ~ Innocence is available for speaking engagements+ performance engagements by appointment only

* Invocations ~ Learn to create your own powerful rituals of protection 

* Mojo Bags ~ Personalized spiritual harmonizing + protective energy packages 

* Spiritual and Personal Soul Coaching and Mentoring Sessions 

* Energy Harmonizing ~ Distance healing 

* House & Office Blessings ~ Energy cleansing + blessing ceremonies for your home or office 

* Weddings, Spiritual Commitment Ceremonies & Broom  Ceremonies  

* Rituals + Ceremonies ~ Energy Shielding, Grounding + Centering 

* Divination + Scrying ~ for your own self-knowledge  

* Sacred Femme Training, Workshops + MINI-COURSES 

* Free Wellness Resources + More 

Bespoke Wellness Journeys for Women

Accompaniment on a Common Path


What They Say...


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Healing the Healer Within

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© 2020 by Innocence Smith. 


Innocence Smith Metaphysical Wellness Ministry therapies and techniques are considered alternative, holistic, or complementary medicine. Please be advised that Innocence is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Sankofa Priestess and not a licensed medical professional (nor do I/she/we promote myself/ourselves as such). I/we do not make medical or psychological diagnoses. I/we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication for ailments, illnesses, or diseases that are physical or psychological. Please seek professional medical or psychological care if you have a serious condition. If you are under medical care, please seek the advice of your Doctor before using my professional services.  

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