About Innocence

Healer. Originator. Mentor.

Innocence Smith is an extensively qualified Alternative Medicine Specialist & Intuitive Healer with a M.S., in Counseling Psychology and multiple international Metaphysical Modality certifications including Crystal Healing, Crystal Reiki, Clinical Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, Metaphysical Ministry,  Clinical Hypnosis and Sacred Breathwork.  

I realized that the universe was trying to get my attention...I had been sweeping myself aside and I needed to a phenomenal healing! 


I surrendered to the infinite wisdom of the universe and immersed myself in making my self-care a priority again. I had always believed in living on a higher vibrational plane but forgot my essential being along the path to fulfilling my purpose. I tuned into Potential FM and allowed my spirit guides to lead the way back to bliss. The answers had been there all along but I had to remember to be mindful and pay attention to these subtle signs. This work was embedded in my bones even before I had a name for it.  


I received a spiritual message to follow my bliss. Throughout my life, my central gift to the world has been to help others bridge their unique gifts with  the architecture of the universe.  

I am so grateful that I get to help you find your passion and live your best life. I look forward to working with you

~ Innocence Smith  


Alternative Medicine Specialist

Master Your Energy
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Healing Sessions and Self-Mastery Programs by way of Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology. Integrating Western therapeutic approaches and ancient Eastern wisdom via one's body, mind and spirit.  

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